Best Motion Graphics Trends in 2017

Best Motion Graphics Trends in 2017

Animation has always been a crucial part of storytelling. It’s safe to assume that from 2016 on, designers will be looking at ways to create animations that require less time to create but have a more attractive design. So, you can expect to see a mix of 2D and 3D motion graphics that create the perfect balance between depth and flatness for a unique visual aesthetic this year.

As web technologies advance, designers will have to abandon Flash in favor of HTML, CSS and JS motion graphics, with most websites using animation to enhance the user experience as well as user interfaces (UI).

Another emerging trend are logos that can be translated into icons, animated GIFS, or even emojis.

Finally, animated documentaries have also gained in popularity this year. The future is definitely bright for motion graphics as a whole.

Here are the hottest motion graphics trends from this year you should keep an eye out for.

Seamless Transitions

Seamless transitions are nothing new nor revolutionary when it comes to motion graphics but they have gained in popularity only recently. They create a feeling of fluidity and allow one scene to flow into the next without any interruptions or cuts between them.

The video below features work by the Hudson Rouge agency created for The Lincoln Motor Company and is a great example of seamless transitions, fluid motion, and an excellent use of negative space.

Animated Documentaries & Illustrations

We live in a time overwhelmed by various social and political issues that affect the whole world, not just a specific region. Animated documentaries and illustrations have seen great success in raising awareness and telling stories that would otherwise remain untold, especially when they are paired with a strong narrative. They can also provide a different perspective and make us see the problem in a whole new light.

The following example by Fons Schiedon provides an interesting take on the global issue of poverty.


Although GIFs aren’t a new thing, they have recently gained traction after Facebook and Twitter allowed embedding and sharing GIFS on their respective platforms. They are a great way to convey a message in a concise manner and are often used to show emotions and add a touch of humor.

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