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Working Process

Being in a state of constant search for new insights, we find it important to record any fresh idea that come to our minds. After generating and sorting out the ideas, we need to give the form to them. Sketch is a perfect way to express and arrange the ideas we need to bring to life. It serves as a foundation for every single project we deal with. Besides, it allows us and our clients to understand whether we work in the right direction and according to the client’s preferences. It is much easier to edit things on the initial state, isn’t it?
On this stage our goal is to give you the clearest vision of your project. For this purpose we use various tools of presenting the information so you will be able to see distinctly how the result will look like. The storyboarding process is about graphically represented information with the help of key frames, illustrations or images, and description of the future motion frame in accordance with the script.
We think that a prototype is the best possible way to present you an overall view of your future project. As a rule, it is a short incomplete version of the video or animation (lasting 5-10 seconds) thanks to which you can get acquainted with the key elements and stylistics. A demo video provides a showcasing of the general forms and dimensions, as well as the core functionality.
Development and Release
By this time we’ve already decided on the core style frames of your project. So it’s about time to think of other essential things, such as music and voice-over. We will be happy to help you find a perfect voice and an appropriate background sound. Nevertheless, your ideas and offers are always welcome. Once the sound assets and voicework are ready, we are able to proceed to work on animation. We form an orderly line of animated scenes and connect them with each other by implementing both visual and sound effects. It is the final stage of our collaborative work. We hope you to be satisfied with the result and wait for your sincere feedback!
Is to translate complicated ideas into a simple language with the help of visual and sound effects. As a result, your message will definitely awake interest and powerful emotional response in the target audience.

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