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Branto Smart Home

ANIMATION, ART-DIRECTION Branto Smart Home Branto is a wireless device with a wide range of functions: video conference, full remote presence, security, audio streaming and smart house keeper. If you are...



ANIMATION, ART-DIRECTION Bankaroo Bankaroo is the virtual bank for kids teaching them to manage a budget, save up for goals and become money-smart. Our client sent us a script according to...


Promo video for SolidOpinion

ANIMATION, ART-DIRECTION Promo video for SolidOpinion Our team was asked to create an interesting and engaging explainer video for the target audience of the fresh startup company. The client’s wish was...


Promo Video for CloudiFile

ANIMATION, ART-DIRECTION Promo Video for CloudiFile The client was looking for the showcase of his ideas in fun and minimalistic way with the focus on 2D animation. That’s where we have...


Promo video for iChannel

ANIMATION, ART-DIRECTION Promo video for iChannel Human is one of the most distinguished and high- level gyms. We wanted to make an animation that will drive the viewers and lead them...


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